Pickled Walnuts source in north east US?

I'm looking for Pickled Walnuts. I've never seen them in any shops around the Boston area. Other than getting on line, has anyone seen them around? Also, any good recipes? I am inspired by some old Two Fat Ladies recipes I saw over the weekend... Thank you!

Helen's All Night Diner


dymnyno December 29, 2011
I think that I bought some at Dean and DeLucca.
Helen's A. December 29, 2011
I was in their South End shop a couple of weeks ago & didn't see any. I'll stop by Cambridge next week! It's a good excuse to go in any event! Thanks!
Merrill S. December 29, 2011
Did you try Formaggio Kitchen? If they don't have them, they might know who would!
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