Soup is too salty



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sfmiller December 31, 2011
The only thing that really works is adding enough saltless ingredients to dilute the concentration of salt. Years ago, the scientist Robert Wolke tested the add-raw-potato-and-remove method and found that it had no measurable effect on salt concentration.. Yes, the potato absorbs salt (which is why we cook potatoes in salted water), but it also absorbs water from the broth, so the concentration of salt in the soup isn't significantly changed.

bigpan December 31, 2011
Toss in some big chunks of peeled potato ( and remove later), but also consider increasing volume of soup with all ingredients except salt and things with salt (read labels). I am a big fan of putting salt in last as a top dressing.
pierino December 31, 2011
The problem with salt is that you can put it in but you can't take it out. The is true for both soups and sauces. But the soup here remains a mystery. The saltiness could be coming from one of the other ingredients.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 31, 2011
Robert, check out the answer to this past hotline question:

I'm a fan of adding a cut potato and simmering to absorb excess salt. Try searching for "salt soup" in the search box on this site and make sure you choose "hotline" instead of recipe for past questions similiar to yours for help.
Pinup I. December 31, 2011
If it is cream based make a rue with flour and Either low sodium chicken broth or salt free butter....if it is stock based you can try to add water and reduce a few times
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