Called for in an Italian beef stew. Don't know what it is or where to buy it.

  • Posted by: jaxcat
  • December 31, 2011


pierino December 31, 2011
I love guanciale but, depending on where you live, you might have to order it on line from La Quercia (best domestic I've tasted) or maybe Salumi in Seattle (Mario Batali's dad---and a really nice guy). The bottom line though, is that it really is worth seeking out. Wonderful flavor.
jaxcat December 31, 2011
Thanks! That is what I figured.
jeffsaitz December 31, 2011
Unsmoked italian bacon made with pig cheek
ChrisBird December 31, 2011
I order guanciale from niman ranch. I agree with nutcakes that pancetta makes a decent substitution. Make sure you dont use a smoked product like bacon, though.
nutcakes December 31, 2011
It is similar to pancetta, but made from the jowl and not the belly. Use pancetta if you can't find it. If you can't find pancetta, use blanched bacon. Get guanciale and pancetta in Italian deli's and specialty markets. Trader Joe's and Fresh & Easy, and I suppose Whole Foods, have pancetta.
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