Is my brulée set?

I made the custard base in the morning, and stuck it in the fridge. (Dorie says you can!) I baked it at 325 in a hot water bath until it seemed set on top, but it jiggles a bunch. Short of waiting and seeing, is there anything I can do to ensure success tonight?

  • Posted by: ms.v.
  • December 31, 2011


bigpan December 31, 2011
Yes, you want a slight jiggle. Over cooking will make the custard too tough.
boulangere December 31, 2011
Any custard is set when it "jiggles like jello, but doesn't wiggle like a wave." It may take a bit longer to bake if coming from the fridge, as it will be much colder than if baked right after mixing. Too, the ramekins are going to be cold.
ms.v. January 1, 2012
Hugely helpful, thank you. My custard wasn't quite as set as I would have liked, but it was still edible. I will definitely remember the jello comment!!
aargersi December 31, 2011
Hmmm ... if it is VERY jiggly it may not be completely set, a little wobble is OK though - also it will firm up a bit as it cools. It will most likely be A-OK even if you have a rather soft custard ... and now I want some too! Happy New Year!!!
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