My 3 daughters have gone off vegetables lately ! Any recipes where I can put it in without them knowing?



nutcakes November 15, 2010
Jessica Seinfeld has a whole book on this you might like to get. Here are tons of recipes:
Ophelia November 15, 2010
I say just make vegetables with really delicious sauces (a heated mix of equal parts butter, brewers yeast and lemon juice is super delicious and I loved it as a kid) and don't let them get away with not trying at least one bite of everything you make. Mild curry and spaghetti sauce with green olives (separate from the noodles) were also some of my favorites as a child. And cucumber salad. and squash with a little maple syrup.
But I always had at least one vegetable that I loved at any point and my parents made a point of making sure to stock up on the things my brother and I liked at the time as well and introducing new things that we might like.
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