how do you shredded potato hash light and crispy instead of greasy and mushy?



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My mother in law pokes potatoes with a fork and puts them in the microwave for a few minutes before shredding and sauteing. She makes killer breakfast hash that is never soggy. I've never tried it but I know it works for her.
bigpan January 2, 2012
Rinse the shredded potato, squeeze out the water and sauté as you want.
keel January 2, 2012
Try putting the shredded potato in a ricer to squeeze out the water. It really does an amazing job and no towels get ruined in the process!
pierino January 2, 2012
And use a kitchen towel that you don't want to leave out on view. The potato moisture can leave permanent stains.
SKK January 2, 2012
One key for great hash browns is squeezing out the water from the potatoes after they are grated and before cooking. I use a cotton kitchen towel, placing the hashbrowns in the middle, rolling them in the towel and wringing them dry. Another is to spread the hashbrowns very thinly on the skillet and only turn them once, after they are throughly browned on the underside.

Some people recommend finishing in the oven at about 400F. Have not tried that yet, but will.
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