Cheese Straws cooking are coming out flat and greasy

I have been cooking cheese straws for many years . The last several weeks that I have been cooking them they are coming out flat and greasy. I cook them on 340* for 20 minutes until I feel as if they are crispy



702551 December 4, 2022
My hunch is that your new oven is running cooler than the one it replaced.

I would try one batch increasing the temperature by +25 °F before messing with the ingredient ratios.
maryhickss December 4, 2022
I tried that. They didn’t come out as greasy but still somewhat flat. I have even purchased a humidifier to see if that will help. Really is frustrating for me.
Lori T. December 5, 2022
How about the leavening? I know that these are a sort of rough puff pastry, but perhaps yours need a little lift help. Maybe try adding in a pinch of baking powder with the flour? My grannie always used self rising flour for everything and her cheese straws were to die for. I know it's not usual, or mentioned in most recipes - but it might just cure your flat trouble.
Lori T. December 4, 2022
I have a couple thoughts. Cheese straws can become greasy if the butter separates from the mix in baking. Is it possible that your butter has changed slightly? In these crazy days, some companies have taken to shortcuts and skullduggery to restrict price increases and increase profits. It may be your butter contains slightly more water now, and that is causing the problem. Your flour may also have slightly changed, containing a little less protein- hence gluten, to hold shape. It may be drier or slightly damper from time to time as well, depending on humidity, storage, etc. I would try adding in just a tad more flour to the mix, and bake off a test straw to see if that won't help some.
maryhickss December 4, 2022
ok thanks for the reply. I will try that
Nancy December 4, 2022
I only have diagnostic questions.
Is your pastry short or puff? Either way, have you changed ingredients for the homemade version or brands for the store-bought kind? Changed cheeses? Fat content of cheese?
How is your oven, any problems there?
Have you changed baking times or time leaving the cheese straws cooling before serving?
Here's an article from the Guardian series where Felicity Cloake consults several recipes on one dish, to merge their wisdom and come up with a "perfect" version of the dish. FYI for information, hints.
maryhickss December 4, 2022
Been using the same cheese for many years. About 6 months ago I went to a double oven and appeared to have no issues. Maintain correct temperature, etc. I cool them on a rack for about 15 minutes after cooking. I read that article.
Nancy December 4, 2022
Sorry the questions didn’t lead to any causes of the problems.
The only other things I can think of
1) possible problems with the fat in your recipe (too much; or method of incorporating it into the dough).
2) try another recipe from a reputable baker, cookbook author or site.
Maybe others here will have more ideas.
maryhickss December 4, 2022
thanks will try that
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