light crisp pastry

I can't seem to get the right consistency of a sweet light crispy pastry to make a fruit pie. Its either to chewy, to hard or just doesn't seem right. Is there any very easy recipe for someone who just can't keep from messing it up?

Victoria Mora


boulangere October 18, 2015
This tutorial may help you.
Smaug October 18, 2015
The vodka crust promoted by America's Test Kitchen addresses that problem with some success. Rose Levy Barenbaum's recipe isn't exactly simple, but the directions are so meticulous you can hardly fail. I would personally advocate learning traditional methods- which take some practice- but I do realize that's not happening for a lot of people.
Picholine October 18, 2015
No matter the recipe it's important to not overwork the mix and refrigerate so well chilled before rolling out and place immediately in a preheated oven.
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