Can you microwave sweet potatoes?



Jodee R. January 3, 2012
I do all the time! Prick all over and microwave about 7-9 min until soft. Turn them over once. I use this method before making sweet potato gnocchi or sweet potato bisque or mashed sweet potatos. Skin peels off easily if it's not needed.
susan G. January 3, 2012
Like Homemadecornbread, I'm happy with whole sweet potatoes from the microwave. Important not to overcook them! I find it works to my liking with the deep orange, moist ones. I have found that Asian white sweet potatoes are not moist enough and disappointing -- I'll use another method for them.
Homemadecornbread January 3, 2012
Yes, I just prick them and wave them. Sometimes I cut them into inch thick slices and roast the slices in an oiled cast iron skillet in a very hot oven, flipping them about halfway through.
bigpan January 3, 2012
I have, in a time pinch, ... I peel, chop into cubes, put in dish, cover with plastic, punch a hole in it. and cook. You can also toss with some cumin or other spices (cinnamon etc). Just like roasting in the oven, you can finish by pan frying to get a crunch on the outside. Over nuking anything will turn them into rubber...I use only to parcook.
sdebrango January 3, 2012
I have a friend that does, she pricks with a fork and wraps them in a natural (no chemical additives) paper towel. I prefer to roast in the oven you get that lovely caramelization when you do and they are so soft.
SKK January 3, 2012
Yes you can. Just the same way you do any other potatoes.
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