recipe calls for 4 lbs fresh sweet potatoes - how many cans/ounces would that be? cooked sweet potatoes weigh less than fresh?!

Donna Mae Grimm


Lori T. November 5, 2019
As Gammy says, the weight of the potatoes in the can will be given on the label. It will vary depending on the size of the can itself. The only other thing to consider regarding canned vs. fresh is that the canned, cooked sweet potatoes will be wetter than a fresh sweet potato you bake at home. You may need to adjust the amount of any liquid you add in to your recipe, so you end up with the correct texture. It's not likely a problem if you are just going to glaze and bake them, but if you are making a casserole of some sort, it could leave you with a more soupy end result.
Gammy November 5, 2019
I don't think fresh will weigh any less than canned. One pound equals 16 ounces, so 4 pounds would be 64 ounces. You didn't mention whether that is 4 pounds of fresh sweets before peeling or after, but I doubt that would make a huge difference. You might have a slight change of flavor between fresh and canned, but I'm guessing there is probably enough spices in your recipe to negate most changes. If this is a side/casserole dish you should fine.
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