I'm looking for a green curry recipe with chicken, preferably one that has nutrition facts or serving size as I just started weight watchers



Sam1148 January 4, 2012
While not a 'curry' recipe in the Thai sense. I do a pho soup using a short cut of a tsp of prepared green curry paste, garlic, ginger and lemon grass paste in a chicken broth. Remove the solids after simmering..and serve over thinly sliced chicken and bean sprouts. With the stock hot enough to cook the thin chicken slices, pour over the chicken and spouts in a large bowl. Serve with fresh basil and mint leaf and sliced limes. (some sliced green chilies too are good in that). Oh, and fish sauce for a salt element.
susan G. January 4, 2012
Use the WW tools on the web site for the nutrition info, expressed as points. This way you can enter any modifications you want to make and it will figure it all out for you. When you get the hang of it it only takes a minute or so, and well worth it. The program is very good at leading you to healthy eating, with weight loss as a by product.
aargersi January 4, 2012
You can do it briecheese! Other weight watcher tips - light coconut milk and low fat tofu work fine in most curries, and you can split coconut milk and fat free chicken broth. LOADS of veggies, and if you can skip the rice / noodle component you will be A-OK!!!
Angela @. January 4, 2012
Here's a recipe from Sunset Magazine where I work as a Test Kitchen Professional (recipe testing). Good luck with Weight Watchers, it's a great program. I will warn you Thai Food and WW are not very compatible but if you keep your portions small and add lots of vegies on the side you might do OK. http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/green-chicken-curry-10000000523113/
bigpan January 4, 2012
Try skinnytaste dot com. Click on recipes, then chicken.....
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