Popcorn seasoning ideas

I've recently started making my popcorn on the stove, and one of the reasons I love this is it lets me play around with what seasonings I use (no prebuttered crap here!) I'm in love with buffalo wing sauce right now and also want to try some curry seasoning I have and to get some nutritional yeast. What other things should I try? I prefer savory but am open to anything. Thanks!



Kristen W. September 2, 2012
P.S. Sriracha salt sounds like a brilliant idea that would totally eliminate sogginess.
Kristen W. September 2, 2012
Sadassa Ulna, ditto what Wannabe Baker said about application of Buffalo sauce for sriracha, though I'd be lying if I said I never just shook the bottle over the bowl of popcorn and then mixed it up. A few kernels do get a bit soggy that way, but there's not enough sriracha to really douse it.
darksideofthespoon September 1, 2012
Try Nutritional Yeast. It's AMAZING. I always cover my popcorn with it, it gives it an awesome cheesy/butter flavor, and is totally vegan - if that's how you roll. It's also a great source of all the B vitamins, including B12. 1 tbsp is the daily intake for an adult! And no additional salt or fat. It's a great if you're looking for a healthy savory topping.

I usually get it at health stores. I can't say enough about it! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Hagerty September 1, 2012
JALAPENO POPCORN. A fire house favorite that we make quite often at all of the stations in my department. melt 1/2-1 stick of butter in a small sauce pan. Add 2-4 jalapenos seeded and minced the saute till soft and fragrant. Once your popcorn is all popped add the jalapeno butter and salt to taste. You may adjust the amount of jalapenos and butter depending on the amount of popcorn and the desired level of heat you prefer although its not too spicy after sauteing the peppers in the butter.

I recent made JALAPENO CARAMEL CORN . Sweet, savory, spicy and fantastic. my new favorite. Its done basically the same but you begin with sugar and less butter then add the jalapenos.
WannabeBaker September 1, 2012
Well, with the buffalo sauce, I've found it works best if you pour it in the bowl first, before the popcorn, and then tilt the bowl to coat the bottom and some of the sides with it. I then pour in the popcorn and use a spoon to mix it. This way none of the popcron gets doused in it and it's more evenly dispersed.

Thanks for the other ideas! The lime salt sounds interesting, although I have to admit - that sounds like a lot of work!
Sam1148 September 1, 2012
Pretty quick if you use the true lime powder---which I love to keep at the desk, and the car for water too.

Another salt you can make is sriracha salt. http://www.food52.com/recipes/11404_sriracha_salt

When I don't use a coffee grinder a mortar and pestle will make a salt into 'popcorn salt'.
Sadassa_Ulna September 1, 2012
I pop the kernels in half toasted sesame oil and half canola, then sprinkle with Old Bay or other tasty blend. Question: how does one use sriracha, buffalo sauce or other wet ingredients?
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 1, 2012
Old Bay Seasoning, pulverize some cheddar & sprinkle on. My favorite is minced bacon and brown sugar & chili powder - sweet & savory!
Sam1148 September 1, 2012
My favorite calls for a special item. "True Lime Powder". Google it and look for store locations.

I put a Tablespoon of salt in a coffee grinder and grind that to dust.
Then take it out and add: 4 packets of the 'true lime' powder, a tsp of ginger powder, a tsp of paprika, 1/2 of garlic powder, 1/4 tsp of white pepper, 1/4 tsp of cyan pepper. (more or less for heat taste) ...then spray oil the popcorn and shake that up in a bag.

I guess you could use a table spoon of lime zest and dry in the oven and grind that with the salt.

To clean the coffee grinder---use a tsp of baking soda and table spoon of raw rice and grind...rinse and repeat...and it should be fine again for coffee. (YMMV depending on your grinder materials).
lloreen September 1, 2012
Truffle oil and Parmesan - luxury popcorn
Kristen W. September 1, 2012
I love sriracha on popcorn. Similar to your buffalo wing sauce idea, but a little sweeter.
kimhw September 1, 2012
Parmesan and basil. The parm gives it a nice salt and the basil gets slightly fried in the butter.
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