What would be a great recipe with fresh mangos?

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davidpdx January 6, 2012
Also consider: mango salsa (delicious with chicken, pork, fish); mango daiquiries (delicious anytime).
StinaP January 6, 2012
stir fry chicken with onions, red peppers, snow peas and fresh mango. Serve over rice or noodles :)
creamtea January 6, 2012
chicken salad
Season the chicken w/lemon juice (fresh), add the mangoes, chopped, sliced scallion, cilantro, mayo mixed w/cumin & curry powder. Sprinkle toasted chopped cashews and more cilantro before serving. Yum.

a fresh salad with only mango, lemon or lime juice, a pinch of cayenne, a little sugar, salt, maybe some sliced scallions.
amysarah January 6, 2012
I love mangoes to distraction, and usually just eat them as they are - a perfectly ripe one is almost too perfect to mess with.

But, I do like sdebrango's idea of the upside down cake - yum. I've also used mangoes in fruit crisps/crumbles - just sub them for any recipe you'd normally make with peaches, or nectarines. If you toss in some raspberries as well, you'll have something sublime.

One more: a big fave of mine is classic prosciutto with melon, or especially figs. But I've paired it with mango slices a few times as well - surprisingly luscious together.
sdebrango January 6, 2012
I love the proscuitto with mango idea!!
sdebrango January 6, 2012
I make a mango upside down cake, using a pineapple upside cake recipe but substituting mango's.
sdebrango January 6, 2012
Mango smoothies are wonderful also!
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