What is kiri?

I'm working with a French cookbook that calls for this ingredient, could be a brand name.



JenFriez July 31, 2022
It’s a soft cheese spread. Something like laughing cow wedges or white velveeta, or even cream cheese would probably work.
susan G. January 7, 2012
I have seen Kiri winter squash used in recipes from New Zealand (DISH magazine). Here's an article about this originally Japanese squash -- http://www.specialtyproduce.com/produce.php?item=4881
You should be able to tell from the context what the cookbook is talking about.
...and I've learned two new meanings! Thanks everyone.
marlizzy January 8, 2012
From the context, it is most probably the cheese.
phyllis January 7, 2012
Kiri is a non-alcoholic soda made in Quebec. But this is the one toure probably after: creamy cheese wedges from France.
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