How many minutes should a steak be on a grill to get medium rare? Each side?



Greenstuff January 13, 2012
Just to show you how variable the answer is, my rule of thumb is 5 minutes on one side and 3 on the other. My guess is that the reason I think it works so well is that I'm actually compensating for real conditions without looking at the clock. The trick for you is to cook enough steaks that you become aware of the appropriate look and feel of what's done right for you.
Cannizzo January 12, 2012
I usually do my steaks 8 minutes sear for two minutes on both sides and finish for four more minutes on medium heat
Shalini January 9, 2012
Wait till the blood rises to the top of the steak, then flip it over. Cook for half the time on the second half.
If your steak is 2 inches thick, as in quite thin, I would do about 6-8 minutes on the first side and 4 on the second.
It keeps cooking as it's resting so wait 10 minutes before slicing it and serving!
Cannizzo January 9, 2012
I agree it also depends on your grill all grills are different and you should know your grill mine has a sear nob on it and I sear first then move it over to medium till done turn once i say about minutes for a newyork strip or a ribeye
Chrissylrat January 9, 2012
There's no simple answer. Cook time will depend on thickness and temp of meat as well as temp of the heat source. For a tall (3") filet I cook for 8 min per side over medium heat and get a nice medium rare.
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