Why are my toll house cookies so flat? I'd like to bake a thicker/ chunkier cookie



Foodimentary_Guy January 10, 2012
For thiner crunchier cookies add a little less oils and water in the recipe. Add more binding agents instead like egg whitesI. Cooking longer under lower heat will help "cook out" additional moisture, making for a crunchier cookie.
drbabs January 10, 2012
Try these:

ATG117 January 10, 2012
If you refrigerate the dough before putting it in the oven, it should not spread as much. I actually would have though the tollhouse recipe would have made a cookie with an average thickness, but you might want do a chocolate chip cookie search by selecting hotline on the search drop down. There was recently a thread about best chocolate chip cookie recipes. You may want to try the Cooks Illustrated recipe noted there. Levain is also known for their super thick cookies. There are knockoff recpes on the web, though I have never tried them out.
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