Funfetti Cookie Recipe : Strange after taste, why?

Used this recipe, first time baking anything from this website too :

I'm an amateur baker, but I think I'm pretty good at following directions. Haven't had major issues baking before. I followed the directions, let the dough rest over night, portioned it out to half-tablespoon sized, and froze all but 5 of them. Baked off those 5 cookies (reduced the time to 5-6 min since my cookies were much smaller). Texture and bake came out well, exactly like what the recipe said. Lightly golden brown undersides, soft baked interior as promised.

But... there is a really off, metallic after taste that I've never gotten from any of my cookie bakes before. I'm wondering why? Is it a recipe issue? I've never used cream of tartar in any of my cookie or bar recipes before, so that was a first for me. Or could it be my sprinkles are old/off? I kind of doubt that unless sprinkles really do expire, since I used these same sprinkles to make the Smitten Kitchen confetti cookie just earlier in December for a dinner party, and those tasted great.

I still have that aftertaste in my mouth :(

  • Posted by: E
  • January 1, 2017


E January 2, 2017
Thanks all for the answers! Yeah I'll be avoiding this author's recipes. Was initially looking for a dupe recipe for sprinkle cookies a la the Momofuku Milk Bar ones minus the laborious steps, which is why I was attracted to this recipe. I definitely thought the addition of cream of tartar in addition to both baking soda and baking powder odd, since cream of tartar plus baking soda = baking powder and cream of tartar plus baking powder = baking soda. Lesson learned
Smaug January 2, 2017
Good plan- for the record, BS + COT is approximately baking soda- it also contains small amounts of salt and cornstarch. COT+BP does not equal BS, it's just excess cream of tartar.
Nancy January 2, 2017
I don't have the chemistry/causal answer on the bad, metallic taste in your cookies but one of these (who know and love food science) might:
Serious Eats/Food Lab
Shirley O. Corriher
Harold McGee
E January 1, 2017
Oof maybe I should've read the comments of the recipe before I even made them. Seems like a fair number of people had problems with it. My fault for not reading the comments. And the responses from the site owner were kind of rude!

Still, if anyone knows what in the recipe would create a bitter, metallic aftertaste, let me know! I don't want to make a recipe like this again, the aftertaste is seriously gross.
Smaug January 2, 2017
Looks like a recipe, and an author, to avoid- the proportions and cooking time are weird. I suspect your flavor problem is from excess cream of tartar- there's not enough baking soda to neutralize it.
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