Cookie bake off suggestion

My department is having a cookie bake off, where cookie submissions can also include bars like brownies, etc. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of finally trying Dorie greenspan's world peace cookies and maybe a raspberry crumb bar. Open to suggestions!

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • December 19, 2015


Nancy December 20, 2015
Two ideas, that balance sweet & savory, but maybe too far from what your department expects. If so, maybe save them for family & friends:
Parmesan biscotti - great with a glass of wine or a bowl of soup
Oatmeal cookies with dried cherries. These use schmaltz to balance the sweetness. If you don't have chicken fat available, duck fat, too, would likely be delicious.
LeBec F. December 20, 2015
My guess is that many people will do brownies, so I would avoid them. These two have been very successful:
Maple Pecan Polvorones:

Mocha Buttercrunch Bars:
creamtea December 19, 2015
Other ideas: scotch shortbread (easy and delicious). Joanne Chang's phenomenal "Intense Chocolate Brownies" from the Flour baking book (I use Scharffen Berger chocolate for them). They're soooooo good.
creamtea December 19, 2015
You could try these buttery crumb bars:
(I grew up with them; my mother's recipe from her mother...)
drbabs December 19, 2015
Those World Peace cookies are amazing, but read all the comments before you make them. Some cocoa powders are very dry, and the dough crumbles easily. If it were me, I think I'd make cookies that I know I make well. Raspberry crumb bar sounds delicious, by the way.
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