The tomato garlic soup I made is too spicy (too much red pepper flakes). How can I mellow it so it's edible?!?

  • Posted by: lfkohn
  • January 10, 2012


Esther P. January 10, 2012
Bit of sour cream as you would with a chilli? Kind of cream of tomato soup...
bigpan January 10, 2012
Add some chunks of peeled potato and remove later, also a pinch of sugar, and if you can add another batch of the same soup without the pepper.
PistachioDoughnut January 10, 2012
I did the same thing last week, you might wanna add light cream and some boiled carrots puree.
boulangere January 10, 2012
Do you have some more stock (or even water) to dilute it?
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