When baking a pizza do I need to prick the base to prevent it rising?

  • Posted by: Kanika
  • January 11, 2012


Sam1148 January 11, 2012
It's used when you're trying to replicate a NYC style pizza at home..that 'foldable' and thin.

I'll make the dough but I tend not attempt to replicate NYC style at home, it's kinda tricky. And besides, I really like the bubbles and crunch on a home pizza.

Here's a good dough recipe but it doesn't mention docking the dough--which was the only way I found to keep it flat.
JenS January 11, 2012
If I am prebaking the crust I will sometimes do it but don't find it necessary. I peek through the oven window and if I see any substantial air bubbles forming, I quickly open the oven and give the bubble a poke with a skewer.
sdebrango January 11, 2012
No you don't you do that when you are blind baking a pie crust but not a pizza.
pierino January 11, 2012
Not at all. Roll it out and stretch with your hands. Brush a little olive oil on the cornice (the outer edge) and be sure that your oven is fired up as high as you can crank it.
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