What should I do with uncooked pizza dough to save for later use? My standard recipe makes 3 pizzas. I'm only making one now. ;o)

So, what should I do with the remaining 2/3d? I don't need to make bread (as I just made a loaf this morning). I'd like to save it for more pizza on another day. Should I freeze the dough uncooked? Should I stretch, punch some holes in it with my fingers and then par-bake it, then freeze that? Thanks so much! ;o)



Lambs' E. November 2, 2011
Freezing pizza dough is great, but you do need to be thinking ahead when you want to use it and I often fail with that. If you have the time, I'd suggest par-baking it in rounds, then it is just sitting there ready to go on short notice!
boulangere November 1, 2011
I routinely make more than I need and freeze the remainder double-plastic-wrapped portioned in the right sizes for times when I need to pull a rabbit out of the hat.
Sam1148 November 1, 2011
The bread sticks...just roll out a square. Brush with lightly with egg wash..and press in some good crunchy salt.
Cut into strips and twist them and bake on a sheet pan. You could even press in some rosemary and black pepper in those too.
Sam1148 November 1, 2011
Just freeze it raw. Cut it in individual servings. Bag and freeze it. Put it in the fridge the night before and on the counter top a couple of hours before you use it.

In fact I'll leave it in the fridge for 2-3 days; it seems to develop a nice character with the long slow fridge rest.
It's also good for making calazones, meat pies, or bread sticks.
Kristy M. November 1, 2011
I've frozen uncooked pizza dough with good results. I just put it in the fridge to thaw (in the morning, so it's ready for the evening) and it cooks just fine.
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