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Hi All,
I am in the process of purchasing a Squeezo Juicing Machine from the 1970's. My question is that I was wondering if anyone knows of a better product for juicying or making puree on the market right now. I'm assuming most of you all know what a Squeezo is.

  • Posted by: J3_Dog
  • January 11, 2012


J3_Dog January 12, 2012
Thank You So Much................
SKK January 12, 2012
You are most welcome!
J3_Dog January 12, 2012
I juice the tomatoes, THEN after talking the seeds out. I finally bought a new canner. It's actually a pressure cooker. OK.... I put the juice into a hot Jar and then how much pressure should I have and for how long,
SKK January 12, 2012
This is a whole new question. I waterbath can, and have not used a pressure canner. When it comes to tomatoes I dehydrate. Or I make a tomato sauce with no meat and water bath can. Or I cook down and freeze tomato paste which I have a recipe on this site.

Don't have the room to store tomato juice. And here is a great website that has information on canning.
SKK January 12, 2012
A Vita-Mix doesn't remove seeds, it pulverizes them if large enough. For tomato juice I put tomatoes in the Vita-Mix and after processing run through a Food Mill.

For puree, I just cook down after running through the Vita-Mix.

I can apple butter and when doing that just put apple with skin minus stem and it purees the whole thing, which I then cook down.

Hope this helps.
J3_Dog January 11, 2012
I will check it out....... Does it remove the seeds also?
Thanks Jim
SKK January 11, 2012
A VitaMix. It has the capacity to puree and make juice - both fruits and vegetables - using the whole item. No skins to worry about. Had mine for 5 years and friends have had theirs for 15+. Really worth checking out.
J3_Dog January 11, 2012
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