A question about a recipe: Mumbai 'ishtyle' Pao Bhaji

I plan to make this "Mumbai 'ishtyle' Pao Bhaji" soon, but won't be going to my Indian grocer for a while. How can I make the "pav Bhaji masala" at home? Thanks so much..

Mumbai 'ishtyle' Pao Bhaji
Recipe question for: Mumbai 'ishtyle' Pao Bhaji


Panfusine January 12, 2012
Sumac wd be perfect.. (you just answered a niggling doubt of mine about some sumac I picked up from the Union sq holiday market, it was racking my brains to figure out what familiar ingredient it tasted like.. Aamchur! Thank you!!)..Lime juice is squeezed just before eating. it serves as a finishing ingredient in terms of aroma..tartness comes from the tomatoes as well..
AntoniaJames January 12, 2012
Fabulous! Gosh, that was quick. What's a good substitute for raw mango powder? Sounds like something rather tart . . . what about sumac? Or lime juice added to the dish itself? Thanks so much!! ;o)
Panfusine January 12, 2012
oops I meant commercial.. drat the spellcheck!
Panfusine January 12, 2012
I've never made my own spice blend, but here's a link to a recipe that seems to include all the ingredients that are listed on the packaging of the commerce blends. hope this helps!
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