Dairy Alternatives In Recipes

There are some Indian recipes that call for yogurt like Tikka Masala and chicken korma. Additionally, there are recipes like beef stroganoff that I want to make but also call for mixing dairy and meat. Since we keep kosher in my household, I am wondering if anyone has tested alternatives that work really well. Bonus points if it can be used in a slow cooker.



BurgeoningBaker October 7, 2013
Thanks everyone. I'll give one of them a try at some point in the near future and let you know how it turns out. The recipes are slow cooker recipes so we will see what happens.

Is cashew cream and cashew paste mostly the same thing (consistency aside)?
lakshmi October 4, 2013
In both indian recipes you can use cashew paste
dinner A. October 4, 2013
I wouldn't worry too much about compatibility with a slow cooker -- in most if not all cases it is probably best to add the yogurt/sour cream/substitute at the end of cooking anyways. You might also want to try coconut based yogurt -- I think it has a more neutral flavor than the soy yogurt I've tried.
Pinch&Swirl October 4, 2013
How about cashew cream? It's so simple to make and is a wonderful substitute for heavy cream in soups. Let's say you need about 1 cup, then put 1 cup of raw cashews into a small container and add enough cold water to cover. Let this soak in the refrigerator overnight covered. The next day, drain the cashews and rinse, then add them to a blender and add cold water to cover by about 1" (less if you want it to be thicker). Then blend until smooth. You can use this in a slow cooker too. :)
Monita October 4, 2013
You can try using Tofutti sour cream as a substitute or a soymilk yogurt which is dairy free. I
I've used both of these when cooking with meat but, alas, not in a slow cooker
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