Favorite liquid measuring cups

I know, I know, weighing is best. But it's nice to have glass liquid measuring cups too. And this past month in my kitchen has reminded me of freshman chemistry lab--pyrex shards all over the place. I'm in the market. Do you have a favorite?



Greenstuff January 19, 2012
Aha! You're both confirming what I'd guessed--I'm going to need a variety. A fun project for me, as I last bought a liquid measuring cup during the Pleistocene.
sdebrango January 19, 2012
I second what Hilarybee said I have exactly the same, all of them.
Hilarybee January 19, 2012
I like my Pyrex glass set. I also have a tiered one from OXO and a Milmour 2-Cup Wondercup for more precise measurements. Even when you are working in grams, it is helpful to have volume measurements. At least I think so.
Here's the OXO
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