Please recommend the best quality well priced knives

  • Posted by: ceh
  • January 20, 2012


usuba D. January 21, 2012
I was introduced to Japanese knives 40 years ago when at culinary school. I have used Western style knives from the best through out the years, but my Japanese knives (40 year old) still are the first I grab when I need to do serious cutting, chopping, carving, etc. Along with a water stone, they are the best in the world . . .hold an edge better and will easily pass on to my grandchildren. The Japanese have taken the art of cutting beyond anything Western knives offer.
BWatt January 21, 2012
If you have small hands, Mac knives are my favorite
davidpdx January 21, 2012
The Victorinox (of Swiss Army knife fame) line of kitchen knives is well-made and very affordable.
bigpan January 20, 2012
I use Henkel and have had them now for about 30 years ... damn, the continue to be great otherwise I would love a set of Globals. Go to a good cooking store and hold them and feel them, then decide on what is best for you. Remember, quality lasts.

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pierino January 20, 2012
Maybe define "well priced". Some of the best kitchen knives come from Japan where they have a tradition of making swords. Shun knives are fantastic based on a rediscovered version of Damascus steel. Available at Sur La Table. If you have deep pockets you might step up to the Bob Kramer line. But a good knife should feel good in your hand, and they can be high maintenance. NEVER EVER put a knife in the dishwasher!
I'm a skeptic on ceramic knives; they do hold an edge well but they can also break in half. Ceramic blades on small tools like peelers and slicers are okay because they are inexpensive.
Bil,Walker January 20, 2012
I have a ceramic knife a friend sent me as a gift. It is super sharp and I love it. While it is a little fragile it's cuts everything with ease. You might want to look into one of them.
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