need menu ideas for a food stall

Hi guys, i need some help with brainstorming my menu for a 'dessert bar' stall that im going to be putting up at an event. Its going to be indoor and i may or may not have access to a refrigerator.
I am going to be putting up baked desserts like tarts and thinking of doing individually served parfaits if i have access to a refrigerator.
Im concerned about how to keep the baked goods fresh and what all can i put on my menu that will attract customers. I cannot do onsite assembling/baking/cooking. so everything will be prepared in advance and then displayed at the event location.
Any and all ideas are welcome :)


  • Posted by: Farah
  • April 30, 2016


foofaraw May 4, 2016
Farah, if this is for building your image as dessert business, what is your best dessert that people love/keep on ordering from what you bake? It is probably better to sell something that is will be a regular at your business or something that you feel you are best at.
caninechef May 5, 2016
I agree, if this is at least in part about image then go for a few items that will be standouts.
BerryBaby May 3, 2016
Easy and kids love them, dipped Pretzel Rods. Use melted chocolate (dark, milk or white), dip about 1/3 to 1/2 of the rod in the chocolate and decorate with sprinkles.
Kayla R. May 3, 2016
Cake pops could be fun! I know you're limited in terms of on-site assembly, but a station for decoration could draw people with kids to your stall. I also love this mint oreo truffle recipe: Dipping them in a white chocolate may make them more spring-y!
Bascula May 2, 2016
I agree with the cookies idea, as there are so many ways you can go with that. Are these items going to be for sale? if so, try to be as equal as you can with your portions.
Farah May 3, 2016
yes, i will be selling all the desserts at the stall.
Just haven't decided whether i should put up a variety or just 2-3 really good items that would make people go WOW. Since Im doing this more for building my image as a dessert business.
Aliwaks May 2, 2016
Cookies cookies and more cookies -- little stacks of cookies tied with ribbon--- you can do some gluten free too which people are obsessed with-- I'd do 4 types-- on sandwich ( lemon cookies ith rapsberrie filling or even better macarons) one classic (oatmeal with sour cherries, ginger & pecans) , one chocolate (Salted dark chocolate chunk with caramel) & one gluten free (Crunchy Almond with 5 spice sugar)
caninechef May 2, 2016
Not sure how much you want or need to stick to the baked goods idea but I think fruit salad is a popular item at event vendors. So many people are looking for a "fresh food" lighter on the sugar and starch alternative these days. Even without a fridge I would think you could hold it in coolers for several hours, maybe adding more perishable items into smaller batches as the day progresses.
Dona April 30, 2016
YGC, what kind of yeast do you use? You don't need to use special
bread machine yeast?
Farah April 30, 2016
Thanks so much.
Farah April 30, 2016
im going to try your recipe too. just one cinnabon buns usually burn at the bottom. the sugar melts and collects at the base and it burns. what can i do to avoid that?
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