I love GOOD food but am fighting an ongoing weight problem. Do you have low fat low carb recipes that actually taste good?

I am not looking for tasteless dishes that aren't exciting. I must keep my weight off this time in order to live! But I can't imagine giving up my love of cooking and passion for food. Help me please!



inpatskitchen January 21, 2012
Take a look at this recipe for Poor Man's "Shrimp" Cocktail from Bon Appetit


Use a reduced or sugar free ketchup for your cocktail sauce....and cauliflower is good for you!
IslaSophia January 21, 2012
I guess,depending on any health concerns, just eat whole foods, don't let anything pass your lips that you can't pronounce, and cut your portions down. I don't know your situation, but exercise works if you are body able. Burn more than u eat. Everything in moderation. Stay away from "low fat" it is full of salt and sugar to make up for all the missing fat flavour, depending on the food item. Hope it helps. Kind regards,
skittle January 21, 2012
Oh I second cooking light. They have some great ideas.
As someone who has lost over 45 pounds and kept it off for over 7 years, may I kindly suggest something? I'd stay away from low carb unless you want to avoid breads long term. Moderation is truly the key. Low carb is nice when you begin as it's easy to lose water weight, but I found it was much more enjoyable to just have smaller portions of foods I enjoyed rather than avoid food groups entirely. You can do it!
Bevi January 21, 2012
I just wanted to add that the most recent contest, now in the test kitchen, has all sorts of amazing salads with citrus, and would be a great place to look for wonderful, light recipes: http://www.food52.com/contests/270_your_best_citrus_recipe
Bevi January 21, 2012
I agree with portion control, if you can achieve that. I am terrible with my own portion control. If there are underlying health issues, like high cholesterol or potential diabetes, then what you eat is as important as portion control.
Chrissylrat January 21, 2012
I say cook and eat what you enjoy and cut back on portions.
Tarragon January 20, 2012
I also suggest that you check out the Cooking Light website, www.cookinglight.com. They are very good at effective use of "bad" ingredients so that one gets the biggest bang for the buck. Result: great flavors with minimum fat, sugar, etc.
Minimum fat ,


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SKK January 20, 2012
Bevis is right on, and it may take a week to adjust to less fat. Your palate needs a chance to adjust so you can taste the goodness of fresh vegetables. And your passion for food and love for cooking is going to head towards unprocessed, unrefined, in season, and when possible organic ingredients.

Here is a favorite http://www.food52.com/recipes/2434_one_pot_kale_and_quinoa_pilaf

Check out http://www.101cookbooks.com/ for healthy recipes that taste amazing. She has a section on low carb recipes. http://www.101cookbooks.com/low_carb_recipes/

And remember you need good fats, or you will be hungry all the time. Check this little essay out:
Miranda R. January 20, 2012
http://www.food52.com/recipes/5383_zuccaghetti (replace that cream with some thinned yogurt)
A few ideas to get you going! Lots of great stuff out there, and cooking at home is one of the BEST ways to control your weight and get healthy - plus, it's pretty darn fun. Lots of luck!
Bevi January 20, 2012
There are all sorts of fish recipes on this site that offer you a nice protein but with no breading or animal fat. Same with chicken dishes. There are so many nice vegetarian dishes as well. Just think of foods you love that you know can be served "healthy" and have fun on the site!
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