Need substitute for mushrooms *due to allergies*, please?

Looking for low calorie substitutes for mushrooms to use in recipes. (It took a long time to find my sweet guy and I'd rather not kill him off.) I know it will depend on the recipe, but we are looking for low-calorie plant based filler material that is hearty and gives that umami flavor that mushrooms give, for example, in a sweet potato- red pepper- kale hash. I'm an experienced cook and am lucky to have great selection of spices and international foods available where I live.

  • Posted by: Mari
  • January 16, 2020


Jenni January 19, 2020
Maybe cut up artichoke hearts...
Mari February 9, 2020
Intriguing idea-- thanks!
Nancy January 16, 2020
On a vegetable spectrum, I'd go for a mixture of eggplant (for texture), skin dried or smoked tomatoes (for umami) and some white-green veg like fennel or baby bok-choy (for moisture and flavir).
Nancy January 17, 2020
Sun-dried tomatoes.
For moisture and flavor.
Mari February 9, 2020
AHA! Great ideas, thank you!
HalfPint January 16, 2020
If your sweetie can have soy, I would try tofu skin, sometimes called "Yuba". Season with soy sauce or tamari for flavor and umami. Or substitute with any tofu product that you have marinated with soy sauce or miso. Smoked tofu is rather nice too.

Best of luck!
Mari February 9, 2020
I will look for yuba and smoked tofu, thank you!
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