How can texturized vegetable protein be used in cooking food?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Sam1148 January 21, 2012
Light it on fire..and use it to cook the food?

Okay, snarky's okay in a chili, or a taco mix.
susan G. January 21, 2012
First, try to use a plain TVP (sometimes called TSP) without flavorings or color, in granules. You can soak it in a flavored/seasoned liquid (like broth with herbs or miso). Suggested ratio is 2 c dry TVP to 3 c liquid. If you are putting it into soup, it can be added dry or presoaked -- just account for extra liquid either way. I use it to make a Sloppy Joe with sauteed onions and peppers, seasonings and tomatoes.
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