What is the best stone-ground grits brand?

And where can I buy it!

  • Posted by: MyKa
  • January 21, 2012


makhinson August 30, 2021
Old School Mill in Albemarle, NC www.oldschool.com
Donna October 5, 2017
The Old Mill stone ground grits in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee.
mainecook61 January 22, 2012
Anson Mills (available online) coarse-ground grits are delicious.
cookinginvictoria January 22, 2012
Bob's Red Mill products are great, but I must confess that I patronize a old Southern company when I buy grits. I like the products from Nora Mill Granary, They are located in Georgia (near the Chattahoochee River). They are a family owned company, grind all of their own grains, and they do mail-order. Their prices are quite reasonable. http://www.noramill.com/index.html
pierino January 22, 2012
Bobs Red Mill is certainly a fine product but I would recommend Old School Mill, Albemarle, NC. Also available on-line.
hardlikearmour January 21, 2012
Bob's Red Mill. I'm definitely biased because it's a Portland area company, and when Bob recently retired he left the company to his employees which is pretty freakin' amazing. They make fantastic products all around. http://www.bobsredmill.com/
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