Ground white turkey meat-what's the best use?

I recently purchased ground white turkey meat. Are there any particular dishes that are optimal for white as opposed to dark ground turkey?



Magoo October 20, 2012
Turkey Taco Night!!! The best, I like it better than beef...way better
JanetFL October 20, 2012
I like ground white turkey meat in a white chili.
Kristen W. October 20, 2012
I also think the white meat is a bit more bland than the dark, so in a burger I'd try to boost the flavor with aromatics and/or herbs. Minced onion and parsley is a good combo, or minced onion, ginger, and cilantro could take it in a more Asian direction, for example.
Sam1148 October 19, 2012
Turkey, especially white meat turkey ground. Turns out very dry. If you use it in loafs, burgers, meatballs.
To help this out...use 1 tsp of unflavored gelatin to 1/2 cup of stock and use that to moistin bread crumbs to mix with the loaf, burger, meatball..along with the egg.

But, To forgo that..I like ground turkey in a thai type dish...with just ground turkey (marinaded with a bit of lime juice and garlic and ginger). Stir fried..and then slightly/lightly cook onion slices (threads, sliced 'pole to pole)..carrots, red peppers, and some chili peppers.

Dress that with a dressing of fish sauce/honey or brown sugar, sake or sherry, and lots of lime juice. Adjust salt/sugar/lime to taste (uncooked fish sauce tastes a bit don't worry, it'll come together nicely with just a slight warming)

Add some cooked angle hair pasta and light oil to the mix before dressing it.
bigpan October 19, 2012
Mix in some cranberry sauce and make 'hamburger' patties. Freeze for future use.
Or, mix with cranberry sauce (you need the moisture as well as taste) and roll in plastic wrap into a sausage roll, poach, then refry as a breakfast sausage.
drbabs October 19, 2012
I use them interchangeably. I think I prefer it in a sauce, like meat sauce, rather than a meatloaf because it is very white when cooked, but that's just an aesthetic preference.
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