Healthy, impressive dinner idea?

Mother-in-law coming into town this weekend, looking for something to impress, but also something that won't bust the gut (she's pretty critical of things like that). Pretty open to the type of meat. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Andrew K


babycakes16 January 26, 2012
Make some ideal appetizers such as dips. I like crab Rangoon dip and ruben dip. Other than that make a healthy soup. Spicy or other very flavorful soups are meant to impress.
Andrew K. January 26, 2012
Thank you, Asian-inspired sounds great!
Esther P. January 26, 2012
Some kind of fish? You could do it en papillote so it looks good. You could go Asian with some ginger and spring onions with a bit of soy or sesame oil on some salmon... Serve with some bok choyor something, and some noodles. Or you could go mediterranean with some olives and tomatoes, with some oven roasted veg- courgettes, peppers etc. All prep ahead stuff that's light enough for any mother in law. Meringues and fruit after wards to try and keep her sweet?
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