Ideas for healthy breakfast for a toddler?

My toddler won't eat eggs and I am struggling to find healthy breakfast options for her. Any fast yet healthy ideas that a picky toddler may actually like?

  • Posted by: SallyH
  • June 29, 2012


Stephanie G. June 30, 2012
What is a healthy breakfast for you is a healthy breakfast for your toddler. Trying to find "kid friendly" foods will haunt you later when you wind up making two entrees because the kids eat differently than the grown ups.
Kristen W. June 30, 2012
We do "peanut butter bananas" a lot (also oatmeal & yogurt, as others have mentioned). -- banana with peanut butter slathered on it in increments as she eats it, so as to minimize mess (it is still a bit messy, but so is everything my daughter does). Anyhow, the peanut butter banana has a kind of kid-friendly, novelty appeal that she likes.
Sam1148 June 29, 2012
I too hated 'breakfast foods' even pancakes. So for quick it was Life Cereal. Farina was good with honey and crumbled bacon. I hated Oatmeal, and still don't care for it. Farina was much better.

How about a summer time "tea" with a cup of chocolate soy milk, cucumber sandwiches...on white bread, soft butter and a touch of mayo (crust trimmed off). Or a PBJ in the same manner---but as a child I insisted the PB be pre-mixed with jelly.

Have you tried deviled eggs? I'd always eat those but didn't care for omelets or scrambled eggs until much later in life. But I'd like deviled eggs and the egg salad sandwich..on soft white bread---no crust. (as a kid).
SKK June 29, 2012
When my daughter was little she disliked all breakfast foods. So she ate left-overs from the dinner the night before or we made vegetable sandwiches with fruit.
flowercityfoodie June 29, 2012
I agree with Megan & Susan-- oatmeal is the way to go. It's hearty enough to be filling, and the thicker texture is great for beginning spoon users. You can add in fresh or dried fruit to increase the nutritional value and add variety. I make it with milk to increase the amount of protein.
susan G. June 29, 2012
Funny, meganvt01 has said what I meant to answer. Through 4 children, I made oatmeal nearly every day, with an apple grated into it. And yogurt, fruit, granola was the other frequent choice -- for lunch if not for breakfast, with plain yogurt, fresh fruit, home made granola.
And don't worry about following conventional breakfast choices. As long as it's healthy food and she likes it, it's bound to be a good breakfast. If you want to slip eggs in, muffins, pancakes, waffles and other quick breads work.
Abby A. June 29, 2012
How about really eggy pancakes? I hated eggs growing up an I had no idea that my grandmother was sneaking them into my breakfast. That way she gets the protein still.
meganvt01 June 29, 2012
Oatmeal was our go to with our toddler for a while - now that he can handle a spoon a bit better - he likes all kinds of cereal. Yogurt, fruit, and granola together work great for us too.
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