Exactly how do you sprout an avocado pit? I've half submerged then with toothpicks in water. They always only turn black and rit.



susan G. January 26, 2012
From our experience, once the root and the top growth are well established, put it in a pot with soil -- a big pot! I have seen sprouted pits that are left in water which stay alive and look healthy, but never do much of anything. We have one now that's been growing a few years that is over 6 feet tall. It is happiest when it is outdoors in the summer (in a pot), but we live in New Hampshire and it comes in the house over the winter. Not all pits will sprout. Keep trying! (and when it's growing in soil, be sure to fertilize periodically and water deeply).
hardlikearmour January 26, 2012
Try these instructions: http://faq.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/seed/2002114535011263.html
Greenstuff January 26, 2012
You're on the right track, though I typically submerge mine less than half-way up, and as soon as a root gets going, I don't even worry about the water touching the pit. It works best and fastest if you choose an avocado that's already begun some root growth.

Typically avocados grown at home never bare fruits, so don't plan on yours being anything more than a fun project or a houseplant. But when I was a kid, my father grew one, planted it at my grandparents' Florida home, and it was a great producer.
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