Do you know what temperature the mixture should be at different steps. I have an instant-read thermometer, and would rather not ruin expensive i...

...ngredients getting it wrong. Also, can I substitute kefir for the buttermilk? I want to use the ricotta for the awesome-looking gnocchi recipe on your site, so how long should I drain the whey off? Do I want it more moist or more dry? Also, can the whey be reused for the next time I make ricotta? Thanks so much!

  • Posted by: imadok
  • January 26, 2012
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Creamy Homemade Ricotta
Recipe question for: Creamy Homemade Ricotta

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Greenstuff January 26, 2012
Since it's been a long time since you asked your question, I'll weigh in on one of your issues:

I've only made this once, but I can assure you that the visual cues are sufficient--there's no need to rely on a thermometer. You won't be ruining anything. I hope others will help you further.

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