I need 8oz tomato sauce and all I have in the cabinet is tomato soup, spaghetti sauce, and tomato purée. Can I make a substitute out of any



bigpan January 28, 2012
Thin the purée with a bit of chicken stock, or better yet - a bit of wine.
wssmom January 27, 2012
AGree with MirandaR; soup too sweet, sauce too much spice, tomato puree would work out well.

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Miranda R. January 27, 2012
I would bet you could use the tomato puree and it would be just fine. That's definitely the one I would use in a pinch just because it sounds like it's the simplest of the three that you have. Good luck!
Elizabeth,Pierce January 27, 2012
I am making an Enchilada casserole. It is for the sauce. The recipe calls for me to add minced garlic, taco seasoning and beef broth to the tomato sauce...
Miranda R. January 27, 2012
It sort of depends what it's for - what are you making?
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