How do you cook two items at the same time when they require different temperatures?

Jaime Nelson


Brenda February 14, 2019
I am cooking lamb at 180 for 50 mins Potatoes need 220 30 mins and parnsips 230 30 mins wat should i cook it on
Nancy February 14, 2019
Two ways you could do this:
Cook meat and veg separately because their oven temperatures are substantially different.
Maybe do the lamb first, take it out, tent with foil (for the juices to reabsorb).
While lamb is resting, do the potatoes and parsnips at around 225F, checking for doneness near the end of that time.
You could do them all at 180, check intermittenly, remove potatoes and parnips when done (about 35-40 min), cover to keep warm, finish lamb and serve all.
Debbie September 18, 2018
Unfortunately mine is not an answer but a question similar to the original one. I have a potato casserole to be baked at 350 for 1 1/2 hours and I am roasting a chicken at 425. Only one oven, any suggestions???

bugbitten March 28, 2018
I see that it has been six years since my last non-answer, but the question cannot be answered without more specific info. Are you roasting carrots and baking carrot cake? Are you making salmon salami and apple pie? There are answers to be had, but require ingredients, as do we all. Best
Kelly A. March 28, 2018
450&350 temperature do you put this on?
Edward T. January 14, 2018
I'm a big proponent of toaster ovens. Use it when I can, instead of the stove (if possible). I would stick the larger item in the stove, and a smaller item in the toaster oven.
Diane H. January 10, 2018
Tater tots at 450 and popcorn chicken 400
Mary E. November 23, 2017
Blueberry and apple pie 425 and 400
Amanda H. November 23, 2017
I would set the temperature in between -- and the one that was supposed to bake at 400 will finish a little sooner. The temps are so close that I wouldn't worry about it burning or the like.
amysarah January 29, 2012
Depends on what the items are and how big a temp differential. If it's broad, e.g., one needs 2 hrs at 325, and another 30 min. at 450 - adjusting for simultaneity would be pushing it. However, if it's a narrow temp. spread (e.g., 325 & 350) sometimes you can find a work-around....i.e., split the temp difference, adjusting times proportionately. Alternately, if say a roast needs 2 hrs at 325, and a side 1/2 hr at 350, just turn up the oven during the last 1/2 hour - or better yet, do it while the roast is resting. (Anything that holds well or rests before serving coordinates well that way, unless of course, the 2nd item also needs a long time in the oven.)
CatalunaLilith January 29, 2012
You probably can't in the same oven. Depending on what the items are you might be able to adjust cooking times to get them to cook in the same over at the same time, or cook one ahead of time and warm it up before serving, but that's all highly dependent of what you're making
bugbitten January 29, 2012
It would be good to know what the two items are, Jamie Nelson. Tough to give a "scientific" answer when you don't have enough given info. I don't agree with the idea that it can't work, because I'm faced with doing it all the time.
gayles January 28, 2012

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ReneePussman January 28, 2012
The simple answer is, you don't. Unless you have 2 ovens.
Amanda H. January 28, 2012
Can you let us know what the 2 items and temperatures are -- might be able to help.
Leslie G. June 1, 2018
Crispy zucchini bites (25 mins at 450) & oven roasted crispy eggplant (18 mins at 375)??
bugbitten March 21, 2019
I'd just like to say that of the two ingredients, baking potato and pork chop--the potato is your friend and the pork chop is your challenge. I would put them both in the oven at 425 but take the chop out and finish it in a hot fry pan until it crackled on the fat side.
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