How long to cook ribs

I wanted to bake some ribs tonight, but alas I got to making them much too late to follow my original recipe's instructions of five hours at 200 degrees. I have another one that calls for baking them just 70 minutes at 400 degrees, which I have more than enough time for, but I'm afraid the high heat won't get me very tender ribs. I thought I could split the difference and cook them at 300 degrees for about two and a half hours - does that sound about right? I can cook them for as long as three and a half hours. Could I turn the temperature down a bit more and cook for longer or should I stick with where I'm at? It's a two-bound slab, and I've got it wrapped up in a foil packet.



ChezHenry October 27, 2012
The key here is to utilize a combination of covering the ribs for the first hour to hour and a half and then uncovering them for the remainder of the cooking time.
Kristen M. October 27, 2012
Great! 2 of our favorite rib recipes call for baby backs, if you want to reference temp/timing:
WannabeBaker October 27, 2012
Cool, they're baby back ribs. Thanks!
Monita October 27, 2012
I've done ribs at 350 for 1 1/2/ to 2 hours and they were tender
Kristen M. October 27, 2012
What type of ribs are they? If they're baby back pork ribs, you can get away with cooking them quickly. But even if you have beef or larger pork ribs, you probably have enough time to get them nice and tender at 300 degrees.
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