Follow up to using butter milk powder to make ricotta.

I made it last night using buttermilk powder. Fail.
It did produce about 1 cup of ricotta. Fortunately, I saved the whey (well, more milk and such than whey). Today I used that and 1tsp of citric acid, more salt about another cup of milk. It has achieved Ricotta.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • January 30, 2012


kaupilimakoa January 31, 2012
why not use lemon juice? I really think it adds something to the ricotta....
Sam1148 January 31, 2012
Yes, Sour Salt.

1 tsp to 4 cups (maybe a bit more didn't measure) of the leftover 'whey' (which wasn't really whey because of the fail the night before). Boiled and proceeded as recipe directed. The results was left over whey that was yellow (which I think is the goal there)...and very small curds. Not as creamy as the Orginal recipe. But very good.

Another use for citric acid (soursalt). is homemade alkaselzter.
A shy 1/2 tsp of that, in water, a 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Until it fizzes. More or less on those bits.
Then add (if you need it, a BC powder, or aspirin crushed up and soften in water)...BURP..IT"S SHOW TIME.
susan G. January 30, 2012
Thanks for letting us know! I always wonder...
By citric acid, do you mean "sour salt"?
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