4 LBS Ricotta cheese leftover - what to make?

I bought an extra tub accidently, it's whole milk Sierra brand (seems extra firm to me, but ingredients are whey, milk, vinegar, salt only.) I'm kicking around ideas what to do. We have just finished the extra baked ziti so not up to anything like that for a while. Fortunately it's good till 4/27.



nutcakes April 21, 2011
I've been conscripted to bring dessert to a party this weekend so I will likely try at least one of each of the 2 cheesecakes suggested here. Thanks all.
cookinbklyn April 20, 2011
It only uses a cup of ricotta, but make this http://www.food52.com/recipes/10436_louisas_cake you won't regret it.

Sam1148 April 20, 2011
To follow up. Some shelters accept cooked food. Some do not.
Here's a good starting point. http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/
If they accept cooked food. Use a foil tray and reheating instructions with date when you cooked it taped on top.

One of our local shelter accepts cooked food, and I used to take stuff down there after the Pharma Reps catered meals for the Dept. (much to the evil eyes of the leftover vultures in the office). Our local AIDS hospice also accepted cooked foods.
BoulderFoodie April 20, 2011
Great advice, Sam1148 ! With spring garden planting around the corner consider planting a row of vegetables to donate to your local shelter!
Sam1148 April 20, 2011
Donate it and the ingredients for a lasagna to a local shelter with a kitchen. Most accept sealed food products.
cookinginvictoria April 20, 2011
This is what I want to make next time I go on a ricotta binge . . . Gina DePalma's ricotta cheesecake (from Bon Appetit magazine). http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2011/05/ricotta-cheesecake
beyondcelery April 20, 2011
Sweet ricotta cookies! I couldn't find the exact recipe that I use for these, but this one is really close:

The ricotta almost melts into the sugar cookie-like dough and becomes a very light cookie. They're delicious.
sarah K. April 20, 2011
Definitely make these! http://www.food52.com/recipes/10541_curds_whey_biscuits_with_infused_honey_ricotta_spread

the scones are neat, but the honey-lemon-rosemary-lavender ricotta spread is amazing!
CazHill April 20, 2011
Cheesecake! YUM.
Chef K. April 20, 2011
Have a food sealer? Portion, seal, and freeze it. Works great!
jwolfsthal April 20, 2011
you can freeze ricotta, just in case. otherwise, you can make a bunch of ricotta/gnocchi and freeze them as well.
drbabs April 20, 2011
Here are a whole bunch of recipes from the site:
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