Are there certain dishes/ingredients that should not go into a newly seasoned cast iron Dutch oven? My concern is stripping or damaging it.

  • Posted by: sawdust
  • February 3, 2012


pierino February 3, 2012
While I agree mostly (but not totally) on no tomatoes, it's not that difficult to re-season a cast iron pot that is already well seasoned. Tomatoes would definitely not be the first thing I would cook in it---bacon would be. But that said, there are plenty of stews that cook up great in cast iron even using tomatoes or vinegar. However if you do it on the first or second use it will pull out a very ferrous metal and unpleasant flavor.
Sam1148 February 3, 2012
I agree with this. The "no tomatoes" rule, is more a guideline. Chili in a castiron dutch oven is very traditional.

But of course those castiron cowboy 'chili pots' used over camp fire are very well seasoned.
Mr_Vittles February 3, 2012
Nothing high in acidity. That means no tomatoes, no vinegar. Also no cabbage.
Meghann C. February 3, 2012
Cheese/milk sauces turn a gross color in cast iron also.

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Chef O. February 3, 2012
I would not cook tomato based dishes or other high acid foods in it. If you seasoned it the way Sheryl Canter recommends then you are probably OK for most dishes.
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