What's the equivalent of a "sheet of graham crackers?"

I have an old recipe that asks for "7 sheets of graham crackers (to make a pie crust). Maybe it's just my brand of graham crackers, but it doesn't come in sheets (although I admit to being old enough to remember graham cracker sheets...). Instead, there are three individually wrapped packets of nine 5" x 2.5" crackers in the box. How do I figure out how many of these to use to equate to the quantity I need?

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • February 3, 2012


Mr_Vittles February 3, 2012
I am sorry about that. I too remember when they came in one big sheet. Which, to my recollection was three of the new sized connected to each other, so that would mean...21 of the new size.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 3, 2012
What's the brand of the graham crackers? Go to their website, or look on the box to see if they offer a graham cracker crust recipe using your product. They will tell you how many squares, but make sure its the size pan you're using, i.e. 9 in. pie plate.
Diana B. February 3, 2012
Bingo! It's Safeway's brand, so I didn't think their site would be very helpful, but darned if they didn't have a graham cracker crust recipe! It refers to "squares" of graham crackers and their own graham crackers are rectangles, so it's less clear than it might be, but close enough.
Mr_Vittles February 3, 2012
I reckon a sheet being one unbroken, large graham cracker. So seven of those.
Diana B. February 3, 2012
I appreciate your response, but in the era this recipe was written, a sheet was much larger than what I have. That's my problem. There's no way can I get a graham cracker crust out of seven of the crackers I've got, so what I need to know is what size those old sheets were..
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