meringue and shortbread crust for pie?

Okay, experts. I have a question for you.
I use a meringue crust for a key lime mock-chiffon pie. Could I put a shortbread crust under the base of the meringue (the bottom of the pie pan only)? Will the oils in the shortbread make the meringue fall or separate while baking? If it doesn't, should the baking time be adjusted as it will hold more heat in the shortbread crust.
Goal: I'm hoping to make the pie easier to serve and stabilize the meringue. And I thought that using shortbread could do that (crushed and used like a graham cracker crust) without adding too much strong flavor or sweetness to a rather delicately flavored pie.
If it won't work, I might just turn the whole thing into a pavlova of sorts.

  • Posted by: hanne
  • November 22, 2016


Kenzi W. November 23, 2016
Ah, I see! I would bake the crust and the meringue separately, just to be safe. Alternatively, you can smooth your meringue on the final pie (as the recipe I linked to does) and just torch it lightly on the outside—that shouldn't affect your delicate filling.
Nancy November 23, 2016
I see what you're planning to use a shortbread cookie crust (for greater stability) under a baked meringue crust & a key lime chiffon type filling. That all sounds good, but I would make it this way:
1) bake shortbread (alone)
2) cool, crumble, mix with butter, press in pie plate
3) bake meringue (alone)
4) finish pie as you normally do by adding layers of meringue & key-lime mock chiffon filling.
(I fear the baking times for the two crusts are too different to do simultaneously in one baking... that if you use the same time one will be raw or the other will be overcooked.)
Whatever you do, I hope it turns out well and you will tell us your success!
BakerRB November 23, 2016
Interesting. I think it would work. I've baked cakes with meringue crusts and the parts stick together.
Kenzi W. November 22, 2016
Do you mean you're planning to replace the graham with shortbread cookies, crushed, instead? In that case, it should work just fine (and I like the idea)—you'll want to bind the crust with butter, of course. A good blueprint can be found here: Then you can follow the meringue instructions for after your filling is baked.
hanne November 23, 2016
Yes. And I'm planning on binding the shortbread cookies with butter. Thank you for the blueprint. :)
I was hoping to layer the two crusts. Which means they would get baked together... meringue crust on top of the shortbread crust. The lime filling itself doesn't get baked at all; it's a stove-top item folded with whipped cream (hence the "mock chiffon") and chilled. I'm hoping they (the shortbread crust and the meringue) will bake well together.
I'm willing to try it and experiment, but any thoughts/tips/etc would be appreciated.
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