matzo pie crust

has anyone ever made a matzo pie crust before? i'm thinking of a graham cracker or saltine crust just using matzo instead, so basically planning to combine crumbs, melted butter and a bit of sugar. any other suggestions? thinking about making a kosher for passover version of bill smith's atlantic beach pie but looking for hints



sexyLAMBCHOPx March 29, 2015
Yes, I have many times. I add sugar, butter/margarine(KFP), a heavy pinch of cinnamon & salt. Works perfectly.
Nancy March 29, 2015
Agree, should work As the orig crust used a simple cracker. OTOH, if you''ve no objections, you could boost nutty flavor; protein, tropical flavor in crust by using WW or spelt matzo, adding some crushed or ground nuts, shaved coconut. Your call
Gelfo March 29, 2015
Sounds great. What is Bill Smiths Atlantic pie??
jakestavis March 29, 2015
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