Foods for new braces? Also, what are some packable lunch ideas for kids with new braces?

New braces are an invitation to eat large amounts of ice cream (which I am OK with, they have to get something fun out of the deal), but what are some nutritious soft foods besides blended soups, scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes, etc. ?



Jennifer W. April 25, 2017
Things that can be eaten with a fork and isnt too crunchy! Rice bowls, etc
MMH April 21, 2017
Cottage cheese, mac & Cheese, applesauce, soup, Israeli couscous,watermelon, pancakes.
MMH April 21, 2017
I wanted to add this after reading healthierkitchen. My daughter was early with teeth - teething at 3 mo, early, early all the way. She started with orthodontia at age 6 and at age 16 just had her last appointment. The water pick is a must. You will not regret it. Just make it a part of your kids routine. If you have an early one like mine that means wisdom teeth come early too. Mine had her wisdom teeth out at 15 so keep this list handy and be ready for anesthesia.
healthierkitchen February 11, 2012
Yogurt, egg salad, hummus, overcooked orzo. One of my kids had almost no issues with spacers and or tightening, while the other was in pain for days. Do. Not. make the mistake I made with my son when I gave him creamed spinach after he got his expander. It was a long night with the water pick after that.
ellenl February 11, 2012
Peas, oatmeal. baby food, hummus with a spoon, cannelini beans, muhamara with a spoon, avjar, custards, onion bisque (see epicurious)pureed roasted vegetables?
Sadassa_Ulna February 11, 2012
My daughter looked online and found this thread at chowhound:

I thought I'd share for anyone who searches out this same topic here at food52.

amysarah February 11, 2012
As SeaJambon said, they do get more comfortable - after a while, my son (who wore braces for approx. 97 years) didn't even notice them, except the day or two immediately after a tightening. Seems so barbaric when you think about it!

One thing I would rec: pack a toothbrush/small t-paste in their school bag/backpacks. Not that it got used daily at school, but it saves embarrassment when lunch leaves unwelcome souvenirs amidst the wires all afternoon.
Sadassa_Ulna February 11, 2012
Thanks amysarah, 97 years is a long time! An emergency toothbrush is a good idea, thanks!
SeaJambon February 11, 2012
We went through this -- twice. Once with Herpst (sp?) and once with "standard". The Herpst device is definitely more painful, especially after tightening. When our oldest went through that, each tightening meant a few days of smoothies until the pain settled down. During the bulk of the time the braces are on, this turns out to be easier than you might imagine.

After the initial installation and/or tightening pain passes, most sandwiches are fine, just go with softer bread (seeds get stuck in the braces and are a pain). Most fruit is okay -- even apples if you slice them. Yogurt as an after-school snack is always a player in our house. Bananas are -- of course -- fabulous. Even most "regular" meals (soups, casseroles, whatever) work out just fine. Avoid corn on the cob (it can be eaten just fine, but think about how it naturally sticks in your teeth when you eat it, then multiply by all the snag points in braces and you understand why it should be avoided -- corn off the cob is fine). And avoid most sticky candies, but syrup on pancakes is fine (and pancakes are another easy to eat).

Hope that helps! From your note I'm guessing this is your first experience and it just started -- it really does get easier and "normalizes". Pretty soon it will hardly make any difference to your meal planning, except at tightening. And the beautiful smile when it all comes off is worth it!
Sadassa_Ulna February 11, 2012
Thanks SeaJambon. They don't even have the braces on yet, but the "spacers" that were put in are more painful than any of us expected. Yesterday morning I made two breakfasts and two packed lunches that I ended up eating most of (!) because they both were in too much pain/discomfort to eat (and this is highly unusual for them). So I am trying to plan ahead for those tightening times, especially for packed lunches (their school lunch lines are really long and lunchtimes too short so they like to brown-bag it). Thanks again!
I H. April 20, 2017
thanks this really helped beause i have no idea what to eat and i just got my hygiene nut i already have braces it is my second week so thank you this really helped i evn printed his out alreday thank you and have a nice day byyeee
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