What do you all make for your loved ones when they feel under the weather?

Typically it's chicken noodle or egg drop soup or a roasted chicken around here. Ice cream also seems to be a big mood enhancer as well. Looking for new ideas.

Summer of Eggplant


sexyLAMBCHOPx January 22, 2014
Won Ton Soup is my sick food.
Summer O. January 22, 2014
Sara Diamond - I might make that this week, that sounds great. And I feel fine.
sara D. January 22, 2014
This will do for what ails ya in our house: a really good homemade chicken broth with lots fresh herbs (whatever is at hand), spinach, carrots, a poached egg, a crusty cheesy chunk of crouton, and lots of black pepper. Oh, and a splash of brandy for the adults in distress.
arcane54 January 19, 2014
"Happy-oca" is what we call tapioca pudding in our house. Not great if you're sick (too much dairy), but when I'm feeling low, it sure does the trick. I recommend Bob's Red Mill small pearl tapioca, too. Great texture and flavor.
cookbookchick January 14, 2014
My mother was a good cook but for some reason she always made Lipton's chicken noodle soup with those finely textured noodles for us when we were sick. And you know what? That still is what I want when I'm ailing - just like the Velveeta, otherwise it's not like Mom's. But I add a beaten egg to provide some protein - sort of a quickie egg drop soup. I do like to make REAL chicken soup avgolemono for others who are sick.
Maedl January 14, 2014
Tapioca pudding also appeals to me when I am sick . . . Or toasted rosemary bread with butter and honey.
TobiT January 14, 2014
Well of course it depends on the nature of the ailment, but you usually can't go wrong with a really good rice pudding. And matzoh ball soup.
klrcon January 14, 2014
Pasta with butter and cheese because my Italian Nonna's answer to pretty much everything from the flu to boyfriend troubles was "Ain't nothing wrong with you that can't be fixed with a nice plate of pasta'sciutta."
And you know what? She was right!
jmburns January 14, 2014
Homemade Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese. Use Velveeta Cheese so it is really like Mom's.
jmburns January 14, 2014
Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese. Have to admit velveeta cheese otherwise it is not like Mom's
Maedl January 14, 2014
Egg-lemon soup or tom yum soup always go well.
ChefJune January 14, 2014
Depends upon whether said friend is ill or ill-at-ease. But chicken soup is usually at the heart of the offering. Sometimes brownies...

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Pegeen January 14, 2014
Depending on the friend’s level of distress:

Defcon level 5: Bad argument with boyfriend, parents coming to visit and staying with her
Chocolate Bundt Cake

Defcon 4: Boyfriend chooses unattractive engagement ring
Invite friend over:
Or, for a cup of tea and some comfort-food soda bread:
However, a public place that sells alcohol might be best. Bring printout:

Defcon 3: Fiancé won’t budge on awful china pattern, future in-laws in town
Merrill’s lasagna and a bottle of Scotch
Or tuna noodle casserole
Or Martha Stewart’s Macaroni & Cheese

Defcon 2: Fiancé was previously married
Mashed Potatoes (and two spoons)
Seriously Delicious Ribs

Defcon 1: Fiancé’s child from former marriage is HOW old?
Invite your friend to move in with you.
TobiT January 14, 2014
Pegeen, this completely cracked me up. Your loved ones are very lucky to have you in their lives!
cookbookchick January 14, 2014
Me too!!!
HalfPint January 14, 2014
Rice porridge with a little scallion omelet or salted duck eggs. Just like Mom use to make for us when we were sick.
Pegeen January 14, 2014
Sometimes, I just offer to do something for them (as they kindly do for me). Laundry, grocery shopping, an errand, ordering their favorite takeout and watching a favorite movie, proofreading their revised resume, etc. It sort of depends on what is going on with that person.
But back in the food lane... I think anything they can freeze or refrigerate and use another time, in case they don't want to eat it then - something that is convenient for them. A bundt cake, a shepherd's pie, great tomato sauce. One thing I always do is refuse the friend's offer to share the food dish with them (you know how it is... as you're dropping off your food gift, they're inviting you to eat it with them). They feel obligated to extend the offer. I think you have to play it by ear, but I usually decline because I want them to use the food when it's most helpful to them and not right away just because I dropped it off.
Grooviness January 14, 2014
Hot & sour soup! I use a modified version of America's Test Kitchen's recipe.
Sam1148 January 14, 2014
How and Sour Soup is great. I also like Coconut milk soup with ground chicken--and take a short cut using Thai Kitchen Curry Paste.
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