Can this recipe be scaled down for 2? I'm trying it right now and the sugar doesn't seem to be dissolving & turning amber the way the directions s...

...ay it will. Can you not halve this recipe

Burnt Caramel Pudding
Recipe question for: Burnt Caramel Pudding


withinseason February 11, 2012
Thanks. Not halving the caramel and just halving the cream is what I just tried now. Though in the rush of trying-not-to-burn it, I forgot to pour off half the caramel before adding the cream. Oops! Oh well. It'll just (hopefully) be extra tasty.
Peter February 11, 2012
It can be halved but be careful, half as much sugar and water means it will heat up and burn much faster. If you burn it., I suggest not halving it and keeping part of the caramel for other uses.
Appetite4Books February 11, 2012
Making a very small amount of caramel, or burning sugar, is tricky. Size of pot comes into play, among other things
To save some trouble, just do the full recipe of caramel, and halve the remaining.
Worse thing is you'll end up with a little extra that really so bad?
The custard part is easily halved.
hardlikearmour February 11, 2012
I don't see why you can't halve the recipe. Sugar needs to hit about 320º F to start to caramelize, so I suspect you just need more time and/or more heat.
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