Need leftover ideas for Bo Ssam?

If anyone else read the NY Times article and recipe on Momofuku's Bo Ssam, was inspired to make it right away, and was then left with a few pounds of leftover meat, I have suggestions for leftovers! I too fell hard for the recipe, though I used TasteFood's version since I couldn't find the pork with the bone still in ( - thanks to TasteFood for a good post :) After enjoying the 2 kilo roast for two days, I decided that I wanted to enjoy the leftover meat in different ways. I made fried rice with some of the leftover meat (yummy, especially when you add the ginger-scallion sauce to the rice right before serving - I used David Chang's recipe for a large batch of the sauce, and I used a mix of red wine vinegar and rice vinegar since I don't own sherry vinegar, I also made some noodle soup: boil 1 liter of chicken stock, add Vietnamese vermicelli noodles (the think ones), boil for two minutes, add to a bowl along wtih some of the shredded bo ssam meat and more of that delicious ginger scallion sauce, and add chilli-garlic sauce to taste. With the last of my meat, I made a strata with some very, very stale bread, sautéed vegetables (zucchini, red bell pepper, carrots, fennel, onion), two eggs, some milk, and herb de provence. All of these meals helped to keep my husband me fed for 5 days and we didn't get bored! Do you have any fun uses for leftover roasts?



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Midge February 16, 2012

Thanks for the inspiration CC. I've been waiting to have guests over to make this. Can't wait!

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MTMitchell February 21, 2012

Quick question -- we enjoyed this Sunday and I am going to serve it in its original form for two friends coming over for dinner. What's the best way to reheat the meat? I was thinking of putting it in a roasting pan, covering it with foil, in a 350F or so oven until it's warm. I was thinking maybe 30 minutes or so from room temperature. How did you reheat it?

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CarlaCooks February 23, 2012

I think I just microwaved it, since I was only reheating small portions. For a larger chunk of the meat, I think warming it in the oven should be find so long as it's covered. Just make sure to check on it often so that it doesn't dry out. Enjoy!

Teresa September 17, 2016

We like to make ramen noodles, toss them with the ginger scallion sauce, add some re-heated Bo Sssam meat, add some kimchi, top with a poached egg, and drizzle Ssam sauce on top. So good!

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