Too much rice wine vinegar added to soup that also contains garlic, ginger, soy sauce, carrots, mushrooms, tofu bok choy, noodles

how do I fix this?



sheredel April 15, 2012
thank you will try this today unfortunately the answers this time around never showed up in my emails i went to look today if anyone ever responded!
Pegeen April 14, 2012
One possible fast solution:
Remove about one quarter of current broth with a ladle (just remove broth, no veggies) and replace the broth you removed with the same amount of plain water, heated if possible. (Heat the water in microwave, saucepan, electric kettle, etc..) If you don't heat the water first, no crisis. It just means that when you add cold water to whatever you have in the soup, everything has to go through another reheating cycle, which sometimes over-cooks the veggies. (btw, soup sounds great!)

Truly S. April 14, 2012
miso maybe?
mrslarkin April 14, 2012
yikes. maybe some more broth to dilute the vinegar?
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